Sky Exch Rules and Regulations

All Sky Exchange users including ‘Super’, ‘Master’ and ‘Sub’ account holders are advised to read the following ‘Terms and Conditions’. All users who use Sky Exchange agree and accept to the following:

  1. The site and all of its original content are the sole property of ‘Sky Infotech Limited’ and are, as such, fully protected by International Copyright and other intellectual property rights laws.
  2. Any form of ‘Passing of funds’, ‘Self Matching’ will not be tolerated on Sky Exchange. Any users found participating in such activites will be locked with the funds being reversed. Accounts participating in such activities must note that Sky Exchange reserves the right to Void any bets of such nature at any time within 1 week of the bet being placed.
  3. Any self matching ( punching ) bets on non favorite teams when liquidity is low will be voided even if the player account is in minus for the event , the upline will be responsible for the same.
  4. Please note that if any account has been locked due to ‘Passing of funds’ within the last 72 hours, Sky Exchange reserves the right to void any bet of this nature within the account irrespective of when the bet was placed.
  5. No Arguments or claim in the above context will be entertained by Sky Exchange and the decision made by Sky Exchange will stand as final.
  6. Sky Exchange Endeavors to have our services run 24 hours a day. However due to any technical issue, or disruption of services from our provider (, Sky exchange will not be liable for any market positions that any account holders may hold.
  7. reserves the right to resettle or void any market for reasons such as technical delayed suspension from the provider. In any such case Sky Exchange will settle according to
  8. ‘Super’ and ‘Master’ account holders will be held responsible for the financial penalties incurred for any misuse or ‘passing of funds’ from any of the ‘Sub’ account holders under their accounts irregardless whether or not the financial positions of the sub accounts have been settled by their superior ‘Super’ or ‘Master’ holders.
  9. In case anyone is found using 2 different IDs and logging in from same IP his winning in both accounts will be cancelled.
  10. Any bets which are deemed of being suspicious, including bets which have been placed from the stadium or from a source at the stadium maybe voided at anytime. The decision of whether to void the particular bet in question or to void the entire market will remain at the discretion of Sky Exchange. The final decision of whether bets are suspicious will be taken by Sky Exchange and that decision will be full and final.
  11. Any sort of cheating bet , any sort of Matching (Passing of funds), Court Siding (Ghaobaazi on commentary), Sharpening, Commission making is not allowed in Sky Exchange, If any SkyExchange User is caught in any of such act then all the funds belonging that account would be seized and confiscated. No argument or claim in that context would be entertained and the decision made by Sky Exchange management will stand as final authority.
  12. Fluke hunting/Seeking is prohibited in Sky Exchange, All the fluke bets will be reversed. Cricket commentary is just an additional feature and facility for Sky Exchange user but Sky Exchange is not responsible for any delay or mistake in commentary.
  13. Members are not permitted to hold multiple accounts. This includes holding an account with any associated site operating on the same platform as this site. Where maximum bet or maximum market limits are imposed, the Site reserves to the right to void bets from accounts found to be exceeding these limits by using multiple accounts across this and any other associated sites.
  14. Scalping and jobbing trades strictily prohibited in meta for all symbol.
  15. Company reserve rights to void all profitable jobbing trades.
  16. Manipulation and cheating (chamka) trade will be deleted any time.
  17. Fresh limit and fresh stop loss not allowed – only allowed when you have existing holding.
  18. Position will be stop out at 20% margin Level.
  19. All the issues will be solved according to the Exchange decision.
  20. Parking is strictly prohibited.
  21. Trading is compulsory only standing not allowed.